When Should I Update My Hearing Aids

Remember how amazing it was when you first made the leap and invested in your first pair of hearing aids? Perhaps it had been a while since you could hear the sounds of birds and the wind blowing through the trees. Perhaps you found you could participate in conversations that would have previously been a struggle. 

When hearing aids are working their best they can make your world accessible, make you feel connected to the people around you and boost your overall health exponentially. However, like anything, hearing aids grow old and often need to be updated or replaced. Let’s explore signs that may help you understand when it is time to re-invest in your hearing.

The Lifespan of A Hearing Aid

The average hearing aid has a life of five to seven years. Environmental factors like exposure to moisture and debris wear your hearing aids over time. This kind of wear can be minimized by drying your hearing aids in a dehumidifying box overnight and carrying a waterproof case for when they are not in your ears. Even so your hearing aids have a shelf life. 

Your Hearing Aids Are Constantly Being Repaired

When worn properly, your hearing aids are working from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep. When you consider how much time your hearing aids are working it makes sense that your hearing aids might become worn out. 

While we can handle repairing your hearing aids, if you are finding that your hearing aids need to be repaired more and more often, it is probably a good time to update your hearing aids. When the life of your battery becomes increasingly shorter, you experience feedback even after repairs and the sound quality is inconsistent then it is a good idea to invest in a new pair of hearing aids.

A Change In Hearing Abilities 

Hearing loss is a progressive condition, starting slowly and continuing to degrade over time. Tiny hair cells called cilia in the inner ear pick up the sounds around you and send them to your brain to be processed. Often cilia become damaged by exposure to noise or old age. 

While hearing aids can help you hear, they cannot stop your ears from degenerating. If you find that you are struggling to hear sounds even with your hearing aids in then your hearing aids might need to be upgraded. Some models of hearing aids work better for people with mild to severe hearing loss while other models work more efficiently for people with severe hearing loss. Hearing loss changes constantly. Even with hearing aids it is a good idea to have your hearing checked annually to make sure your hearing aids are working best for you.

Lifestyle Changes

Perhaps last time you had your hearing checked and was fitted with new hearing aids you worked at an office and mostly commuted back and forth from work to home. However, imagine that since then you have a new job and have become obsessed with jogging. In this case you are also exposing yourself to different environments and lifestyle changes. 

When you go into get fitted for hearing aids we will ask you questions about your lifestyle and different environments you encounter to find out how best to calibrate your hearing aids. Perhaps you now need to rely on longer battery life or suppression of the sound of wind, or higher protection from moisture while jogging. If your lifestyle has changed and your hearing aids have not adapted with you, then it is time to upgrade.

Discover The Latest In Hearing Aid Technology

As with all technology, hearing aids continue to offer new features and abilities, which enhance our listening experience and make our lives easier. If you haven’t investigated what hearing aids have to offer in over five to seven years, then you will most likely be surprised. Hearing aids of today offer enhanced sound quality, Bluetooth wireless technology to interface with your smartphone, background noise suppression, rechargeable batteries, artificial intelligence and more. 

Don’t miss out on the possibilities in hearing. Our team is here to help you keep your hearing aids working for as long as possible, but even the best hearing aids have a lifespan. We can help you explore your options and find the best hearing aids for you!

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