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Professional & Friendly Audiology

Audiology in Vancouver WA


Audiology in Vancouver WA

Serving Vancouver WA And The Surrounding Areas

Whether you were born with a hearing condition, or developed hearing loss over the course of your life, we at Evergreen Audiology are here to help. We have been providing expert audiology in Vancouver WA for over 20 years.

We strive to make our patients feel at home while offering knowledgeable guidance in a relaxed office setting. From the moment you walk into our office, you’ll receive the kind of individualized, attentive treatment that you deserve. We want you to feel empowered about your hearing health.

We are happy to provide expert advice and care from a Doctor of Audiology, information and support from a hands-on team of mentees, and personal encouragement every step of the way. It all starts with a free hearing test to see if you’re a candidate for hearing aids!

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Audiology - How We Hear

Hearing is an intricate journey. It begins when sound is collected in the outer ear, and that path ends in the auditory cortex of the brain. As you can imagine, there are several things that can go wrong during that transmission. Let’s take a closer look at the steps that make it possible for us to process sound.

  1. The outer ear collects sound waves and directs them into the ear canal.
  2. The ear canal carries sound waves to the eardrum, causing it to vibrate.
  3. The bones in the middle ear receive the vibrations from the eardrum.
  4. The bones amplify the vibrations and transmit them to the inner ear.
  5. Vibrations pass through the oval window, setting the fluid inside the cochlea in motion.
  6. Special nerve hair cells within the cochlea then turn the sound into electrical impulses.
  7. The auditory nerve sends these electrical impulses to the brain’s central auditory cortex.
  8. The electrical impulses are processed as sound.

Expert Audiology in
Vancouver WA

Finding the right hearing devices is just one part of a bigger picture in addressing hearing loss. Every step of the process is important, from your initial consultation, to your hearing aid fitting, to your follow-up care. This is why we also offer hearing health counseling. Our goal is to help you live happily and confidently with your new hearing technology. The best part? Your hearing consultation and follow-up care is completely free.

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Dr. Chris Lawson

Doctor of Audiology

Audiology in Vancouver WA and surrounding areas

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