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The tiny size of hearing aids belies their deep technological complexity. Modern hearing aids contain sophisticated, delicate parts and perform hundreds of computations per second. With frequent cleaning, careful handling, and case storage, hearing aids can last a very long time, but it’s inevitable that at some point your investment will require some maintenance and repair. At Evergreen Audiology, we provide full maintenance and repair services for all of the hearing aids we offer. You can call ahead or just walk in during normal business hours.

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Hearing Aid Repairs & Troubleshooting

  • Make sure the hearing aid is turned on: This seems simple but is easily forgotten, especially if you are new to hearing aids.
  • Check the volume level: Sometimes the volume can accidentally be set all the way down.
  • Check the battery: Make sure the batteries are inserted in the right direction, and test them or try new ones to make sure they’re not the problem.

Inspect the tubing: If your hearing aid is a BTE (behind-the-ear) model, it will occasionally require a replacement tube. If the tube is worn or broken, it’s time for a replacement. We can replace this at the office, or if you can’t make it in we can send one to you.

Hearing Aid Repair and Cleaning

Are your trusty hearing aids looking a little dirty? All hearing aids need to be professionally maintained at some point. It is very easy for earwax and other material to get lodged in the tiny crevices, which can prevent the device from working. Without maintenance, hearing aids can easily break down.

We can identify any problems with your hearing device. Just come in any time for a walk-in visit with our specialists, Nic and Mars. If only cleaning is needed, we would be happy to do it on the spot or have you pick it up later. Cleaning is complimentary, and if the hearing aid is still under warranty, the repair is too.

Caring for Hearing Aids

Keeping Your Hearing Aids Clean

The openings for microphones and speakers in your hearing aids have to be very small by the virtue of the device, but this also means they are easily clogged by earwax or other debris. To keep them functioning properly, you need to clean them each day with a clean and dry cloth. If you hear static sounds or feedback from your hearing aid, it can be due to a buildup of material in one of its small ports, and a thorough cleaning could fix the issue.

Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry

Excessive or prolonged exposure to moisture is the main reason hearing aids come in for repair. It’s very important that your hearing aids are never submerged, and that they enjoy a period of dryness between when you take them out at night and when you put them in again in the morning.

After you’ve wiped them clean, remove the batteries to allow for better drying overnight. If your hearing aids have to be exposed to an especially high degree of moisture, either from the humidity or your participation in athletics or exercise, you might want to purchase a hearing aid sleeve or sweatband. A hearing aid dehumidifier is a relatively inexpensive device that will actively dry out your hearing aids overnight.

Keeping Your Ears Clean

Always make sure your ears are clean before putting your hearing aids in. Your ears naturally secrete earwax, and it’s an important part of your body’s auditory system, but it will be harmful if it builds up in the ports and crevices of your hearing aids. A quick cleaning with a washcloth before putting your hearing aids in each day, in addition to cleaning your hearing aids when you take them out at night, will go a long way.

If you think you have more than the normal amount of earwax or your hearing aids are getting clogged on a regular basis, call our office to see what we can do.

If you think you might have an excess of wax or a foreign object lodged in your ear canal, remember that you should never, under any circumstances, insert a cotton swab or sharp object into your own ear. Please contact the clinic and we will book you an appointment with the Doctor as soon as possible. Trying to solve the problem yourself will likely result in pushing the impaction deeper into your ear canal, compacting against the eardrum. Not only could this damage the eardrum, but it could prevent Dr. Lawson from being able to remove the impaction, in which case you would have to schedule an appointment with an ENT specialist or your primary care physician.

Hearing Aid Repair Specialists

If your hearing aids are inoperable, give us a call or just walk in and we can take a look at them. It’s possible there’s an issue with the circuitry inside your hearing aids, or it could be that other factors are causing the problem.

The shapes of our ears change over time, so if you’re experiencing feedback or whistling it could be that your ear has changed and your custom-fit hearing aids need an updated form. This happens often after an illness or a significant change in weight.

If your hearing aids are under warranty, any hearing aid repair services we provide will be free of charge. In some cases, returning them to the manufacturer will be necessary. We try to avoid this, as we don’t want you to have to be without your hearing aids for the time it takes them to make the round trip.

Whatever the issue, Evergreen Audiology is here to help keep your hearing aids working for you.


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