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ReSound is a company with a rich history in hearing aid solutions, having been in operation since 1943. It was the first company to design a hearing aid especially for the Apple iPhone, and the first to pioneer with Wide Dynamic Range Compression in the industry. With representation in 80 offices worldwide, it was also the first to deliver 2.4GHz technology in hearing aids. This underlines the company’s commitment to delivering the latest technology to its customers, with a focus on creating a natural listening experience. It’s this continual quest for improvement that landed the company a CES innovation Award in 2017.

ReSound Hearing Aid Models

LiNX Quattro

The latest model offered by ReSound might be its most advanced yet. Named the ReSound LiNX Quattro, it used Artificial intelligence (AI) to connect to Apple’s Siri service. It uses AI to understand your settings and makes changes accordingly. You can even access Siri to change sound profiles by voice, turn on directional microphones and adjust noise cancellation.

Resound Hearing Aid Technology

ReSound hearing aids are unique in that they are built to a style called microphone in helix (MIH), or remote microphone. It is specially engineered to provide more natural directionality and protect the microphone from wind noise. Flagship models include the LiNX 3D and Enzo 3D models. They come in a range of technology levels to suit your needs. For instance, the LiNX2 comes in three technology levels designated by the model number: 5, 7 and 9. Model 5 is perfect for one-on-one situations and small group conversations, while the premium model (9) will work best in the most demanding of environments. Both LiNX 3D and Enzo 3D models come with a feature called ReSound Assist which helps you fine-tune your hearing aid with a visit to the audiologist’s office.

The entire range of ReSound hearing aids are equipped with Made for iPhone (MFi) technology which easily connects your hearing aids with your favourite smartphone. There is also a budget-friendly line called Enya. These models provide a great listening experience at a price many can afford.

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