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The Newest Hearing Aid Technology at Affordable Prices

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Just as no two people are alike, no two hearing problems are alike. The degree or severity of the hearing loss, the individual’s ability to understand speech, and lifestyle affect the options that will give you the greatest success. New digital hearing aid technology such as feedback cancellation, wireless connectivity, and high frequency transposition allow for a wide range of options in providing the right solutions for each person.

We offer the newest hearing aid technology in all major brands of hearing aids. With a full range of sizes, colors, cost and functional options, we can provide the hearing aids that best meet your individual needs.

Once a hearing aid is chosen, the hearing aids are programmed to the test results provided by the audiogram. When this is completed, the most reliable method for assessing the correct adjustment of a hearing aid is through real ear measurement. Real ear measurements (or probe microphone measurements) are an assessment of the characteristics of hearing aid amplification near the ear drum using a silicone probe tube microphone.