How Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

How Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

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Dr. Chris Lawson

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According to a study by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), around 48 million Americans are diagnosed with hearing problems. However, only 25% of those who have problems with hearing are using a hearing aid. The remaining 75% are at risk of straining their relationships, especially with their loved ones.

When the early signs of hearing problems start to appear, the affected individual will most likely undergo social isolation because they have difficulty hearing what other people say. They also have an increased risk for dementia because of the loss of social interaction. Untreated hearing loss will result in deeper problems, especially with how their loved ones are treating them.

What should you do if you start experiencing hearing problems?

Untreated hearing loss can impact a relationship because of the loss of communication between the two parties. Communication is important in every relationship, and when you start having problems with your hearing, you may find yourself less engaged in talking and listening because you can’t hear what your loved one is saying. If you refuse to get a hearing aid to help with your hearing problem, the issue with your hearing can become more severe, and there will come a time that even hearing aids would no longer be suitable to fix your problem. When you start experiencing early signs of hearing problems, consult the specialist right away and see what they can do for you.

What are the effects of hearing the loss in a relationship?


This is the first feeling that you would experience. You will be frustrated as to what has happened to you, and out of all the people in the world, it was you who experienced the loss of hearing. It would be hard to accept it at first, but eventually, you will be able to move on and adapt.


he loss of hearing would make you feel extremely lonely. You can no longer listen to your favorite songs, and your relationship with other people will start to be affected negatively. Another thing that will contribute to loneliness will be the decreasing number of social activities that you can participate in.

Social interaction withdrawal

Since you can no longer hear what’s around you, it would be difficult to engage in social interaction. Most of the time, you would prefer staying at home because this problem can be unmanageable for others who are around you. To reduce the problems, you would opt for staying inside your home, missing major social activities.

Intimate talks decrease

Intimate talks are common in close families, but when hearing problems start to appear, you can no longer engage in giving intimate talks to your loved ones. This is because you would no longer understand each other, and it would be difficult to tell them what you wanted to say. This would have a toll on family relationships, and it would be hard for everyone to move on with this kind of setting.

Communication difficulties

The loss of hearing can interfere with your ability to communicate. Most of the time, words are kept to a minimum number especially if you can’t understand what the other party is saying. When it happens, you may practice learning the American Sign Language to encourage each other to continue speaking without actually uttering a word.

Loss of companionship

When you start experiencing the loss of hearing, you may find your friends distancing away from you. This is true because they do not want to spend the whole day arguing with you about what you are saying. New people who may come into your life would also find it difficult to speak with you and would probably refuse to become your companion.

Seeking Treatment for Hearing Loss

Despite the problems in a relationship that is brought upon by hearing loss, there is still hope. Hearing aids can restore your hearing ability, and it can also improve the relationship that you have with your loved one, family, and friends. Social isolation and increased risk for dementia can also be avoided if you will wear hearing aids that will amplify the sound from the environment. You will get to enjoy life once again, thanks to these technological marvels that continue to change the life of the people. Aside from hearing aids, scientists are also working on new ways of how they can resolve the issue surrounding the loss of hearing through other means, using the available technology in the present.

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