How Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life

How Hearing Aids Can Change Your Life

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Dr. Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson’s credentials include a Doctorate in Clinical Audiology (Au.D.) from the University of Maryland in College Park, and a B.S. in Communication Disorders from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. His graduate clinical training included rotations at the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), public schools, and private practice settings.
Dr. Chris Lawson

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Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you heard something or wasn’t sure? Do you find yourself doing this over and over again? Hearing loss affects up to 40 million people a year. The sad thing is that most of us rarely get a check-up. We wait for years to see a hearing doctor, but by that time it’s too late. Many of us don’t know what to do when our hearing is going. Something significant has to happen for you to begin noticing there’s a serious problem. Eventually, you get hearing aids and your life changes forever.

Understanding Hearing Loss

First, you need to know a little more about hearing loss. It doesn’t just happen to the elderly. Many of us work in a loud environment that damage our hearing over time. Most people over 60 will begin to experience some kind of hearing loss due to their age. Research to discover what you can do to help someone with hearing loss. We often don’t know what to do at first. Soon, you’ll realize the importance of setting up your home or a senior’s house so they’re more comfortable. It’s also important to learn how to communicate with some who has hearing loss so you don’t offend anyone.

Why People Put off Hearing Loss Treatment

Many put hearing loss off because they either don’t realize it’s happening to them or fear admitting it. Losing your hearing is a scary event. You soon realize you’ll be dependent on a device to assist you everywhere you go. This will take some getting used to. Yet, waiting five or seven years doesn’t do you any good. Your hearing could get worse and further damaged.

Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

Today’s hearing aids are sophisticated where you can use a smartphone to operate them. No more trying to adjust the hearing behind your ear when it’s done from a keypad in your hand. Advanced technology is moving rapidly where having a hearing device is no longer a personal embarrassment. Some hearing aids are so small, you might not realize your good friend has worn one for years. You can always use the internet to find out what new technological hearing aid is moving the market.

Benefits of Treating Hearing Loss with Hearing Aids

Once your hearing aid is in place, your life will grow more positive. Your social life will change overnight because you’ll no longer have to ask someone to repeat themselves. Emotionally, you’ll come alive as you feel more secure with yourself and not need as much help. You can find hearing aids that work with your budget, and don’t throw you in debt. There are thousands of devices on the market. Find the one that’s comfortable and doesn’t hurt your ear. If you don’t want anyone to know you’re wearing a device, then look for those that are hidden. Many of us maintain busy lives. A hearing aid can complicate things or your life. You need one that can handle all of the harsh environments you put yourself through daily.

Seeking Treatment for Hearing Aids

Take the time to visit an audiologist. Give them a chance to run a few tests on your hearing. You’ll be happy you did once the results come back. Though you might need a hearing aid, at least you’ve confronted a big fear. No more will you walk around trying to read lips. You won’t miss good conversations either. Seeing an audiologist will keep your hearing in check. Any time you have a problem, you’ll have an expert that can assist you at the time of need.

These are ways hearing aids can change your life. Never wait too long to get your hearing checked. Hearing damage gets worse when you ignore it. Try to think about all of the ways a hearing device will change your world. When you know your hearing is going down the tubes, look at the benefits of making it better. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about as millions of people face hearing loss at some point in their life. Visit us at Evergreen Audiology to get diagnosed correctly. Don’t let your loss of hearing ruin your life!