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If you suffer from hearing loss but haven’t yet sought treatment, you’re not alone. Nearly 50 million American adults live with hearing loss, and of those, only one out of five who could benefit from hearing aids actually wears them. Treating your hearing loss is not only about your ears--it’s a vital way of ensuring your overall health and happiness, now and in the years to come.


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Common Causes of Hearing Loss

Below is a list of the common causes of hearing loss with brief explanations of each.

  • Hereditary Hearing Loss: may be inherited from one or both parents who may or may not have hearing loss themselves
  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss: repeated exposure to noise
  • Medical Conditions:
    • Acoustic Neuroma: non-cancerous tumor that has developed on nerve strands close to the inner ear
    • Autoimmune Inner Ear Disease (AIIED) or Autoimmune Sensorineural Hearing Loss (ASHL): fluctuating hearing loss as a result of an autoimmune disease such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or polyarthritis
    • Balance Difficulties: when your inner ear or parts of your brain become damaged by injury or illness, your vestibular system may be impacted, affecting your balance and eye movement
    • Meniere’s Disease: a term used to describe symptoms caused by excessive fluid in the inner ear
    • Hyperacusis: Painful sensitivity to sound. This is often caused by a head injury, head surgery, side effect to medication, or excessive noise
    • Otitis Media (OM): a middle ear infection. Excessive fluid building can cause pressure on the eardrum, resulting in temporary hearing loss
    • Otosclerosis: caused by excessive bone-like tissue in the middle ear. Prevents sound waves from entering
    • Presbycusis: decline of working hair cells in the inner ear
    • Ototoxic Drugs: depending on the amount and duration of use, ototoxic drugs can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss
    • Recruitment: related to hyperacusis. Painful sensitivity to sound with very low frequencies or very high frequencies
    • Tinnitus: ear-ringing and head noises. May come and go or remain constant
    • Sensorineural Hearing Loss (Nerve Deafness): abnormality of the auditory nerve, the inner ear, or both

What if Hearing Problems Go Untreated?

For most people, hearing loss happens quite gradually and is painless, which can make it difficult to realize that the loss is actually present. It is often not until friends or family members point out how serious the hearing loss has become that the hard of hearing individual decides to seek treatment. But the longer your hearing problems go untreated, the more serious its potential effects on a person’s physical health, emotional well-being and relationships.

When hearing becomes too difficult, communication with others suffers as a result. This communication barrier can cause individuals to withdraw from their friends and family, and the activities they once enjoyed. It’s a vicious circle, as this withdrawal increases their sense of detachment and isolation, resulting in feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and depression.

In terms of physical health, untreated hearing loss has been linked to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia in multiple studies. People with hearing loss also experience an increased risk of falling and suffering resulting injuries.


If you’re experiencing hearing loss, we can help. The first step to better hearing is a complete audiologic assessment. We’ll diagnose your hearing loss and recommend a solution custom to your needs and lifestyle. Contact us today for compassionate and professional service.

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