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Starkey is a hearing technology company based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with offices in 18 countries globally. The company has a passion for connecting people and transforming lives through hearing health. Through its support of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, Starkey helps people in need receive hearing loss treatment. This foundation has helped provide over a million hearing services in countries around the world.

Starkey Hearing Aid Models

Muse iQ

One of Starkey’s enduringly popular models is the Muse iQ, which can connect to other devices wirelessly. It is available in various styles and prices, from the basic i1000 to the premium i2400 model. The premium model is perfect for those who spend a great deal of time in noisy environments, while their basic styles offer excellent hearing performance in quiet environments for a great price.

Halo iQ

The Halo iQ series is also wireless and are made especially for the iPhone. These models connect with Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices using the TruLink app. Those who are looking for a discreet solution should check out their invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid, which is also known as the SoundLens Synergy iQ.

SoundLens Synergy

In each incarnation of their Muse, Halo 2 and SoundLens Synergy hearing aid models, Starkey provides a tinnitus solution called Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, which helps your hearing health practitioner create a custom signal to mask your specific tinnitus symptoms. By masking the sound, this helps you focus more on the sounds you want to hear.

Starkey Hearing Aid Technology

Livio AI Hearing Aid

Most recently, Starkey has been making waves with its Livio AI hearing aid. Introduced in August 2018, the device has various features that monitor the wearer’s health. It uses the Thrive Hearing app to monitor and report data connected to the wearer’s physical activity. It also connects to the ‘Health’ app found on all apple devices.

In 2019, Starkey plans to upgrade the Livio AI model with new features like fall detection and heart rate measurements. These technologies are aimed at expanding the device past the role of a simple hearing aid, into a wearable aid designed to complement a healthy lifestyle. The most talked-about feature is the Thrive virtual assistant’s live translation feature, which offers a live translation of 27 languages directly into the wearer’s ear. It will also be the first hearing aid to connect to Amazon’s Alexa technology.

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