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Phonak is a company that strives to make hearing aids which are both intuitive and technologically advanced to help users live their lives to the fullest. The company uses a letter naming system to categorize their products. The ‘B’ series is their latest and most advanced technology, while their ‘V’ series is part of the previous group of models.

Phonak Hearing Aid Models

Phonak offers different styles and features at varying price points, so you can find the combination that best fits your needs and budget.

  • Essential: Phonak’s ‘Essential’ hearing aids are called V30 or B30. They are suitable for those who need a basic hearing aid for use in quiet environments or in one-on-one situations.
  • Standard: Phonak’s ‘Standard’ hearing aids are called V50 or B50. These feature an acoustic phone program which can stream a phone signal directly into the ear. The standard series also comes with a 12-channel customization feature to help users personalize their hearing frequencies.
  • Advanced: Their ‘Advanced’ hearing aids are called V70 or B70. These have all the benefits of the standard and essential models, but with added features like wind-noise suppression and increased speech intelligibility settings. They also come with 16-channel frequency customizations for a more nuanced frequency response. This model is more appropriate for more challenging settings like noisy cafes and restaurants.
  • Premium: Phonak’s ‘Premium’ hearing aids, V90 or B90, are the most technologically advanced models. They include all the features in the previous incarnations, but with a 20-channel frequency customization. The premium models also offer the ability to stream sound effortlessly from other audio devices, and are able to deal with the most challenging of sound environments.

Phonak Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The latest ‘B’ models–CROS B, Bolero B and Audeo B–can be equipped with rechargeable battery technology which helps users avoid the inconvenience of having to frequently replace batteries or losing battery power when they are out and about.

Phonak Hearing Aid Technology

Phonak recently won two CES 2019 innovation awards. One of the awards was for ‘Accessibility’ with their Phonak Audéo Marvel technology. This is the first Bluetooth hearing aid to support direct stereo streaming from both Android™ as well as iOS™ phones, enabling streaming access to 86 percent of all smartphones worldwide. This feature also allows users to play music, engage in phone calls, and listen to video audio in full stereo.

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