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Who Should Get a Hearing Test?

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A hearing test can help determine the causes of changes in your hearing. This can occur due to old age, a physical problem inside the ear or it could even be psychological. Hearing tests can be conducted by a trained, expert audiologist and you’ll probably find with some research that there is an audiologist close to where you live. But who needs this type of test? Well, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider getting checked out.

Hearing noises that aren’t there

Anyone who is hearing noises that no one else can should get checked out for a hearing test. It’s important to be aware that some people are sound sensitive. This means that you might find the ticking of a clock incredibly loud whereas someone else won’t be able to hear it at all. That is perfectly normal, but you could also hear a whistling, whirring or buzzing sound in your ear. Honestly, the noise could be anything. It might even be a piece of music on repeat. If you have noticed this sign, then you definitely want to make sure you get a hearing test booked. It could mean that you have tinnitus.

While tinnitus cannot be cured, there are coping strategies that an audiologist will certainly be able to help with. It’s also possible that the symptoms are not caused by tinnitus at all, but rather a physical occurrence such as a build up of wax in your ear.

Anyone who has noticed a change to their hearing

You might find that you are experiencing a change to your hearing. Interestingly, it’s likely that you won’t notice this. Instead, people around you are the most likely to see that your hearing has changed. They may find that you are struggling to keep a catch on the conversation. Or, they could have seen that you are constantly turning up the volume on the TV. Both are signs that your hearing could be deteriorating. Why won’t you notice these changes? You might, but generally, the human mind is incredibly adaptable. You’ll probably alter things to make it easier for you rather than actually see that your hearing has changed.

Be aware that you also will need a hearing test if your hearing suddenly improves. While this sounds like a positive, it could be a symptom of a neurological issue and does need to checked out as quickly as possible. It’s probably nothing, but it’s better to be safe.

Physical changes to your ears

Last but not least, you might have noticed a physical change to your hearing. This could be due to a buildup of earwax, or it might even be a physical growth in or around your ear. Once again, this does need to checked and potentially even removed if it is causing issues or changes to your hearing. An audiologist will be able to advise you on the best course of action.

They will also be able to provide you with treatment options for hearing issues including,  potentially hearing aids.