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Should You Have a Hearing Aid Fitting?

Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

When you have hearing problems, the best course of action is to see an audiologist. From here, you will have various hearing tests to determine if you have an issue with your auditory system. If your audiologist recommends hearing aids for your hearing loss, there are a few more steps you’ll need to take to ensure you get the treatment you deserve. One important step in this process is a hearing aid fitting. This appointment enables the audiologist to physically fit the device to your ears, program the settings and provide general care and maintenance instructions.

Getting the perfect fit

First and foremost, this fitting will set you up with hearing devices that are tailored to your specific needs, from the physical fit to the programming and settings. This appointment ensures your hearing aids work for your ears and in the different listening environments you need, whether it’s loud, commercial areas or quieter, one-on-one situations.

Understanding Your Devices

In addition to getting the perfect fit, you’ll also learn how to use, care for and maintain your new devices. Your audiologist will show you how to insert and remove the hearing aids and the best ways to care for the different components. They will also talk about properly storing them to help avoid any accidental damages to your hearing aids.

Learning to Adjust

It takes time to get used to your hearing aids when you first get them. After all, your life can be changed dramatically with this device. You start to hear sounds that you haven’t heard for years, and it can be overwhelming when you realize what you haven’t been able to hear. Part of the appointment revolves around getting used to having these devices in your ears and adjusting to your new life. You’ll be told what you should do to adapt to your hearing aids and how you can make everything much more comfortable right away.

Follow-up appointments

Your audiologist will also schedule at least one follow-up appointment after your hearing aid fitting. This will allow them to check on your progress and how you’re adjusting to life with your new devices. During this appointment, you can also talk to the audiologist about any issues you may be experiencing or can ask any questions you might have about your first few weeks with hearing aids. They will also look at your device and ensure everything is working correctly, which may mean they fine-tune it and get the settings perfect based on your feedback.