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How to Troubleshoot Hearing Aid Repairs

Hearing Aid Maintenance

The last thing that you want to do when you have a malfunctioning hearing aid is to have to get in contact with your audiologist. First, getting an appointment right away may not be possible and when your hearing is at stake, you may not want to wait. Secondly, there are several things you can troubleshoot at home on your own. Hearing aids are the most common way to treat hearing loss of all levels, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t run into trouble from time to time. Below, you will find a few of the most common hearing aid repairs that you may need help with.

My hearing aids won’t stop whistling

The idea is to get rid of and overcome tinnitus, so when you hear a whistling emitting from your hearing aid, you’re in for a world of annoyance. First, you have to try to remove them and reinsert them. Next, you could try to turn the volume down - interference can cause a high-pitched and uncomfortable noise. Turn the volume down to stop too much sound from seeping through. You could also go to see your audiologist for an ear cleaning in case it’s caused by a buildup of wax.

My hearing aid sounds frazzled

Distorted sound can be uncomfortable to deal with, so take out the hearing aid and visually inspect the battery before you do anything else. Check out the metal prongs on the battery - yep, those little things that connect with the battery whenever the door is shut. Clean it out, especially if these have corroded. Check the settings in case you accidentally had it on a different setting. Lastly, speak to your audiologist if this doesn’t work.

My hearing aids aren’t producing sound

This is the last thing that you want to happen when you have a hearing aid fitted specifically to help your hearing. Check there is no wax blocking the microphone and be very careful with any debris that could be blocking it - you don’t want to make it worse. Double check that you’ve even turned your hearing aid on; you’d be surprised how many forget! Turn the volume up and experiment with different levels of sound, just to be sure that you’re not missing a trick. Replace the battery of the hearing aid so that you can ensure that it’s in the best condition.

My hearing aids are too quiet

This should be fixed before you leave the audiologist’s office, but it is still an issue that can occur later. The steps for this are very similar for the point above, so check the volume and the openings for any debris. As a last option, think about the fact that your hearing could have changed, and consult with your audiologist.

If you have done everything to troubleshoot your hearing aids, speak to your audiologist and they will be happy to help.