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How to Care for Your Hearing Aids

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If you suffer from hearing loss, then hearing aids will soon become your best friend. They’re the best treatment available and every audiologist recommends these devices to help you hear clearly once more.

However, if you get a set of hearing aids, then it’s essential that you take care of them. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying for expensive hearing aid repairs and having to live without them while they’re fixed. So, here’s a short guide to help you care for your hearing devices:

Keep your hearing aids away from moisture

Ask an audiologist what the number one cause of hearing aid repairs is and they’ll tell you it’s moisture. These devices are not designed to be waterproof! As a result, you have to keep yours away from moisture at all costs. This means no swimming with them in, no showering/bathing and no sweaty exercise. Whenever you take them out, keep them well clear of any wet areas – preferably storing them in a nice dry case.

If you do get moisture on your device, them one DIY hearing aid repair is to soak it in a bowl of uncooked rice overnight. Hopefully, this will fix any problems – if not, then you’ll need professional help.

Take your hearing aids out when you go to sleep

There’s no need for you to wear these devices when you’re sleeping. It doesn’t provide any benefits and all you do is increase the risk of damaging them. A hearing aid is a very small contraption with loads of tiny parts that break easily. As such, you have to be very careful at all times. When you leave them in as you sleep, there’s a massive risk of you rolling over and crushing the device. If this happens, you can’t fix the device yourself and would need professional hearing aid repairs to re-attach any broken parts.

So, take your hearing aids out every evening when you go to sleep. Set an alarm to remind you or stick a note to the mirror in your bathroom so you don’t forget. Soon enough, it’ll be part of your daily routine and you’ll take them out without even needing to think about it.

Only touch your hearing aids with clean hands

Touching your hearing aids with dirty hands is terrible on two accounts. For one, your hands might get dirt and grime on the device that clogs up certain areas and causes it to break or malfunction. As a result, you’ll be forking out for hearing aid repairs to get it fixed. Secondly, dirty hands can be covered in bacteria that will end up inside your ear. This could cause ear infections, so you need to avoid it.

Make sure you wash your hands with antibacterial soap – and dry them thoroughly – before handling your device. Or, use an antibacterial hand gel if there’s no sink nearby.

Clean your hearing aids every day

It might seem like a lot of effort, but cleaning your hearing aids every day is essential. This is because they will inevitably come into contact with earwax. You can’t avoid this, even if you get built-up wax removed by an audiologist, your ears naturally produce the stuff, so it will always be there!

Consequently, you need to focus on cleaning the devices and getting rid of any wax/dirt on them. Don’t use any cleaning supplies at all – there’s no need! All that’s required is a soft cloth to wipe down all the surfaces and remove any grime. It’ll take a minute or two every night, which is hardly anything!

If the sound from your hearing aid seems very quiet, then it may be due to wax or dirt causing a blockage. Hopefully, cleaning the device should solve this issue and repair it for you.

Change the battery frequently

Sometimes, the batteries in your device can corrode as there is trapped moisture in the battery compartment. As a result, it’s recommended that you open the battery door and remove it when you go to bed every night. This gives the compartment room to breathe, increasing the lifespan of the battery.

Furthermore, change the batteries every two weeks to ensure optimal performance. If you find that your device isn’t working properly – or doesn’t even turn on – then try changing the batteries. It may have been the case that you were using old batteries for too long and they just died out.

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