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The Newest Hearing Aid Technology at Affordable Prices

Hearing Health Blog

Tinnitus can be an incredibly frustrating condition to have. Often described as a subjective high-pitched screech, buzz or ringing in your ears, it can appear at seemingly any time and it can prevent us from living a normal and comfortable life. Because tinnitus is described as a subjective condition (meaning only you can hear the ringing) it requires a professional

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A hearing test can help determine the causes of changes in your hearing. This can occur due to old age, a physical problem inside the ear or it could even be psychological. Hearing tests can be conducted by a trained, expert audiologist and you’ll probably find with some research that there is an audiologist close to where you live. But

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If you need to get an earmold, you might be worried about what this does. Your audiologist might have explained to you how this is going to help you, but if you are still a little confused, that is probably why you have found this article. Don’t worry, we are going to explain how an earmold can help. But, before

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You may not realize that some of your favorite hobbies could actually be negatively impacting your hearing. There are a number of ways that you can damage your hearing without even knowing about it. If your hobby includes any loud noises at all, you should be thinking about investing in some ear protection . You are going to want to

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