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Nutrients that Can Boost Your Hearing Health

In Health by Dr. Chris Lawson

Not being able to hear isn’t something anyone wants to go through. It can be extremely frustrating for people who are suffering from it, as well as the people they love. Research believes that the loss of ear function is also linked with falls, dementia, and walking problems. Losing ear function isn’t a standalone issue. Moderate loss tripled the risk …

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Working with Hearing Loss

In Work by Dr. Chris Lawson

There’s no doubt about it – hearing loss can make life difficult, especially if you’re still an active member of the workforce. You might be tempted to skip meetings, avoid phone calls or prefer everything in email form to avoid situations where you might not hear important information being shared. Approximately 60% of working Americans are affected by hearing loss, …

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How Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

In Family and Relationships by Dr. Chris Lawson

According to a study by the Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA), around 48 million Americans are diagnosed with hearing problems. However, only 25% of those who have problems with hearing are using a hearing aid. The remaining 75% are at risk of straining their relationships, especially with their loved ones. When the early signs of hearing problems start to …